Pascal Touzet

Pascal Touzet

Professeur des Universités 1ère classe

Directeur-adjoint de l’UMR CNRS 8198





Unité Evo-Eco-Paléo (EEP) – UMR 8198
CNRS / Université de Lille

Cité scientifique
Batiment SN2, bureau 102
59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq – FRANCE
Tel : 33 (0)3-20-43-40-32


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As an evolutionary geneticist, I have been studying the evolutionary and genetic factors that are involved in the maintenance or transition of plant mating systems and their impact on genome diversity. I focused mainly on systems with sex phenotype polymorphisms: gynodioecy in Beta vulgaris, gynodioecy and dioecy in Silene.

The study of S. nutans in collaboration with Fabienne Van Rossum (Botanic Garden, Meise Belgium) led us to the discovery of several differentiated lineages that exhibit very strong post-zygotic barriers to reproduction. We are currently using population genomics approaches to disentangle the evo-demographic scenarii of this speciation events as well as the cytonuclear genetic incompatibilities that are most likely involved.



Statistics, Evolutionary biology in Polytech’lille


Short  CV

01/2020 Deputy director of Unit. Evo-Eco-Paleo, UMR CNRS 8198

09/2016 Professor 1rst class, Univ. Lille, Polytech’Lille

2015-2019 Head of the research team Evolution Ecologie of UMR 8198

09/2010 Professor 2nd class, Univ. Lille, Polytech’Lille

11/2005 Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches en Sciences Naturelles, Univ. Lille 1.

02-07/2005 Visiting Professor in Prof. Lynda Delph’s lab, Indiana University, Bloomington, Etats-Unis (Bourse Fulbright/Région Nord-Pas de Calais)

1997-2010 Assistant Professor, Univ. Lille 1

1996/1997 Temporary lecturer, univ. Lille 1

1995/1996 Post-doc at Station de Génétique Végétale, INRA-UPS-INAP-G, Ferme du Moulon, Gif-sur-Yvette (Grant from  la Société de Secours des Amis des Sciences)

1995 PhD in Genetics of INAP-G, Station de Génétique Végétale (Gif-sur-Yvette) supervised by Prof. Dominique de Vienne

1993-1994 Visitor scientist in Prof. Tim Helentjaris’ lab, University of Arizona, Tucson, Etats-Unis

1990 Engineer Diploma in Agronomy of  INAP-G, Master in Plant Breeding


List of publications:

Submitted papers

– Muyle A*, Martin H*, Zemp N, Mollion M, Gallina S, TavaresR , Silva A, Bataillon T, Widmer A,  Glémin S, Touzet P#, Marais GAB#. Dioecy is associated with high genetic diversity and adaptation rates in the plant genus Silene.  * co-first authors; # co-senior authors (doi:

– Hartmann FE, Alodie Snirc A,  Cornille A, Godé C, Touzet P, Van Rossum F, Fournier E,  Le Prieur S, Shykoff J, Giraud T.  Congruent population genetic structures and demographic histories in anther-smut fungi and their host plants Silene nutans and S. italica.

– Vanderplanck M, Touzet P, Van Rossum F, Lahiani E, De Cauwer I , Dufaÿ M. Does pollination syndrome reflect pollinator efficiency in Silene nutans?


Published papers

* Master or PhD Students I supervised

  1. Varré J-S#, D’Agostino N#, Touzet P, Gallina S, Tamburino R, Cantarella C, Ubrig U,  Cardi T, Drouard L, Gualberto JM, Scotti N (2019) Complete sequence, multi-chromosomal architecture and transcriptome analysis of the Solanum tuberosum mitochondrial genome. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20, 4788; doi:10.3390/ijms20194788 # co-premiers auteurs
  2. Martin H*, Carpentier F*, Gallina S, Godé C, Schmitt E, Muyle A, Marais GAB, Touzet P (2019) Evolution of young sex chromosomes in two dioecious sister plant species with distinct sex determination systems. Genome Biology and Evolution 11(2), 350–361. doi:10.1093/gbe/evz001
  3. Van Rossum F, Martin H*, Le Cadre S, Brachi B*, Christenhusz M, Touzet P (2018) Phylogeography of a widely distributed species reveals a cryptic assemblage of distinct genetic lineages needing separate conservation strategies. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 35, 44–51
  4. Meyer EH, Lehmann C, Boivin S*, Brings L, De Cauwer I , Bock R, Kühn K, Touzet P (2018) CMS-G from Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima is maintained in natural populations despite containing an atypical cytochrome c oxidase. Biochemical Journal 475, 759–773
  5. Touzet P, Villain S*, Buret L*, Martin H*, Holl A-C, Poux C, Cuguen J (2018) Chloroplastic and nuclear diversity of wild beets at a large geographical scale: toward an evolutionary history of the Beta section. Ecology and Evolution 8:2890–2900,
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  8. Van Rossum F, Weidema IR, Martin H*, Le Cadre S, Touzet P, Prentice HC, Philipp M (2016) The structure of allozyme variation in Silene nutans (Caryophyllaceae) in Denmark and in north-western Europe. Plant Syst. Evol. 302, 23–40 (1,422)
  9. Lahiani E*, Touzet P, Billard E, Dufay M (2015) When is it worth to be a self-compatible hermaphrodite? Context-dependent effects of self-pollination on female advantage in gynodioecious Silene nutans. Ecology & Evolution 5, 1854–1862.
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