Celine Poux

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2019 : Director of the MSc Pathway “Evolutionary Biology” of the Graduate School “Science for a changing planet”

Licence (Graduate):

  • First year: From the cell to the organism in its ecosystem.

  • Second year: Evolutionary Ecology.

  • Third year “Biology of organisms”: The bases of phylogenetics.


Master (PostGraduate):

  • Master Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution : Phylogenetics: probabilist methods, molecular datings, Introduction to coalescence, molecular markers: Genome complexity reduction methods, Barcoding & Metabarcoding.

  • Master Biotechnologies : Introduction to Phylogenetics, Molecular markers: Genome complexity reduction methods, Barcoding & Metabarcoding.

  • Master Professions in education and training (MEEF): Introduction to Phylogenetics, classification of Eukaryotes.


Other: Introduction to Phylogenetics courses for Bilille, the bioinformatic platform of the University of Lille.

  I am specialized in phylogenetics and molecular evolution. I am working on reconstructing phylogenies of mesopolyploid clades (ancient polyploid clades). I study as well the effects of genomic rearrangements that commonly follow polyploidization, notably the patterns of molecular evolution among subgenomes in plants of the Brassicaceae family. I am also interested in understanding the role of these ancient polyploidization events on the evolution of the gene family controlling the self-incompatibility system in these plants, especially how they contribute to the spectacular allelic diversification of this genetic system.

I have also an interest in metagenomics and I am currently participating at the  "Next Generation Biomonitoring” project (ANR-funded). The goal of this project is to develop and test a generic NGB approach that will detect ecosystem-wide change more rapidly, sensitively and cheaply than current biomonitoring. In the lab we are developping a method allowing the identification of plant-pollinator networks using NGS and samples containing together pollinators and their associated pollen.

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  • Chantreau M., Poux C., Lensink M.F., Brysbaert G., Vekemans X. Castric V. Asymmetrical diversification of the receptor-ligand interaction controlling self-incompatibility in Arabidopsis. (under revision)

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from the ancient Lake Tanganyika (East Africa). Hydrobiologia 739 :119-131.

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  • 2011-present:     Assistant Professor at the Evo-Eco-Paleo Laboratory in Lille (France).

  • 2011:                   Marie-Curie Postdoctoral fellow (Intra-European Fellowship, IEF) at the laboratory of Genetic and Evolution of Vegetal Populations (now Evo-Eco-Paleo) at Lille University (France). Title: Evaluation of the genetic response to climatic changes: the demographic history of the cottoid fish flock from Baikal. 

  • 2010 – 2011:        Postdoctoral researcher at the laboratory of Genetic and Evolution of Vegetal Populations (now Evo-Eco-Paleo) at Lille University (France). Title: Study of allelic radiation at the locus of self-incompatibility as a witness to the history of genomic rearrangements within the Brassiceae plant family.

  • 2007 – 2010:       Postdoctoral researcher at the Vertebrates Departmentat of the Belgium Royal Institute for Natural Sciences (Brussels, Belgium). Title: Molecular archives of climatic history (MOLARCH) : exploring patterns of genomic differenciation in endemic species radiations of ancien lakes.

  • 2002 – 2006:       PhD in Natural Sciences at the Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands). Title: Capturing the rate of gene evolution and the timescale of the mammalian evolutionary history.