Master Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution

International Pathway “Evolutionary Biology”

About EvoBio

The international Pathway “Evolutionary Biology” is a new program that started in september 2020 and is organized by members of the Evolution, Ecology and Paleotology (EEP) Lab .

The aim of this Master programme is to train students to become research scientists and engineers in Evolution and Ecology with a particular emphasis on understanding the processes shaping biodiversity. To reach this goal the Master programme offers courses not only in Ecology and Evolution, but also  incorporates state-of-the-art on Genomics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Modeling and Integrative Biology to provide a high-level and complete educational programme.

In addition to these skills, the students are preparing to enter PhD programs, developping active competences in project management, scientific and intercultural communication.

As part of the Graduate Programme “Science for a Changing Planet” (see below), EvoBio is a 2-years, 120 ECTS study programme entirely thaught in English. Students carry out an international mobility during either the first- or the second-year of their Master (Internship or study mobility). Mobility grants for internships abroad are available to cover part of the mobility expenses.

During their Master, the students spend a large part of their time in the EEP lab, where they can easily interact with professors, researchers, PhD students and technical staffs, allowing them to become active members of the scientific community of the lab, in particular by following the weekly seminar series.

After the Master, students of the EvoBio programme can apply to engineering-level positions, both in the public or the private sectors, and are ready to enter PhD programmes in France or abroad.

Graduate Programme “Science for a Changing Planet”

The Master BEE pathway Evolutionary Biology (EvoBio) is part of the Graduate Programme “Science for a Changing Planet” of the University of Lille. The aims of this Graduate Programme are  to increase the academic international network, mainly in Europe, and to identify and strengthen an economical network oriented toward employability of the PhD Students.

This selective programme is open to worldwide talented students in various scientific fields. Students with a first higher education degree (e.g., Bachelor, Licence) or a recognized equivalent level of learning in the fields of Natural Sciences,  Organismal Biology, Population Biology, Ecology and/or Genetics can apply to the EvoBio programme.

The Graduate Programme offers a number of merit-based or mobility scholarships for each year of the master. See the block “scholarships” on the left side of the page.

Overview of the teaching programme

An overview of the teaching program is given in the syllabus below for each semester of the Master:

Syllabus EvoBio M2-Semester 1

Syllabus EvoBio M2-Semester 2

Syllabus EvoBio M2-Semester 3