Evolution, Ecologie et Paléontologie
( Evo-Eco-Paléo )

Unité Mixte de Recherche UMR 8198

Team Paleo

The Paleontology team includes specialists who have taxonomic expertise in at least one fossil group, which they use as a biological model to address evolutionary questions or use its applications in biostratigraphy, paleogeography and paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

The team’s activities are articulated around two research topics :

  • Macroevolution (coordinator : C. Crônier)
  • Paleoecology – Macroecology (coordinator T. Servais)

Our team analyses the fossil record in order to explore evolutionary and macroecological patterns and decipher processes that operate over the geological time scale and they result to the either the origination or to the extinction of clades. Parallel examination of changes in paleobiodiversity and the global environment (mainly climate change) is one of our main objectives.

The explored time intervals cover essentially the Paleozoic, especially with respect to the study of the major adaptive radiations of the Early-Mid Paleozoic, but also with respect to major mass extinction events. Other explored intervals cover the Ediacaran and the Plio-Quaterary.